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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Nick and Lynette: Lewisburg Wedding

Jul 7, 2016

Nick and Lynette.
Ahh. These two have such a special place in my heart.
We first met at Lynette’s senior session- they had just started dating a few months earlier and she wanted a few pictures of the two of them, so Nick tagged along.
Fast forward three years, and the day they’d both been anticipating for so long was finally here.
If I could sum up this day in one word it would be Joyful. They spent the last year planning an absolutely perfect day full of so many personal details, and after all the waiting and planning the joy that radiated off their faces was undeniable.
Lynnette is such a classic beauty, and everything from her shoes and tiara down to the pretty reception decor was timeless and elegant. Her attention to detail was unbelievable. She had spent hours incorporating personal touches to their day. All the bouquets Nick gave her while they were dating were saved and dried so the petals could be used for their guests to toss as they exited the ceremony. The cones holding the petals were printed sheet music from the songs they played throughout the day. Every centerpiece on her reception tables was unique, and had been collected by her and her mother over the last year.
And Nick. Nick is a wonderful guy. He has such a clear calling on his life, and is the new youth pastor at their church. He is also the most talented vocalist I’ve ever had as a groom, so their ceremony was filled with lots and lots of gorgeous music.
Individually Nick and Lynnette are incredible people, but together… together, they are unstoppable.
I feel so honored to have them not only as clients, but friends. And I just cannot wait to see what amazing things they accomplish for the Lord.

DSC_6520DSC_6497DSC_6527DSC_6499DSC_6490DSC_6550_2DSC_6573DSC_6591DSC_6601DSC_6661DSC_6668Their first look was so sweet and full of emotion. There were too many we loved from both angles, so we included a few more than normal… Nick’ reaction was the BEST.
DSC_2183DSC_6620DSC_6614This little guy was a gift from Nick when they were dating, and he was quite the charmer.
When he saw the camera he struck the cutest little pose. 🙂
DSC_6644Their portrait location was SO pretty, and full of golden morning light… Love them all. DSC_2228DSC_6726DSC_6749Favorite!!
DSC_6753DSC_6700DSC_6699DSC_6693DSC_6688DSC_6734DSC_6722DSC_6768DSC_2225This was them all day long. Full of laughs and so much joy!DSC_6789DSC_6776DSC_6782DSC_6797DSC_2267DSC_6871DSC_6823DSC_6942DSC_6977DSC_7001Have you ever seen so many adorable flower girls? Ahh!DSC_6926The miniature bride dress was custom made to match Lynette’s, and goodness, it was just too adorable for words.DSC_6886DSC_6890DSC_7561DSC_7067Can we just take a second to admire that poster size photo above the ceremony entrance… SO cool!!DSC_7129DSC_7098Speaking of adorable kiddos… DSC_2340DSC_7298During the ceremony Nick sang “From this Moment” to Lynette, and if you follow us on snapchat you may have seen a clip from it.
Honestly, we, along with all of the guests were spell bound. It was the most gorgeous rendition of the song ever, and was the one time that I wished I was a videographer instead of a photographer.
DSC_7341DSC_7301DSC_7446And then there was all the pretty reception decor!!
DSC_7625DSC_7620How adorable is that little flower girl on the right??DSC_7653DSC_7654DSC_7719DSC_7716DSC_7700DSC_7854As one final, personal touch they had a soft ice cream bar for their guests as dessert.
It was the perfect, sweet treat on a warm day. DSC_7797DSC_7802DSC_7878DSC_7758We loved your day so much, but love the two of you SO much more!!
Thank you for everything.
Much Love.


  1. Nick Rine says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Kayla for the kind words! It means a lot! You and your husband did an amazing job!! Thanks for making our day even more special!!

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