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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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Katie and Nate: Engagement

Nov 20, 2015

Katie and Nate win the most adorable couple award times one thousand.
She’s bubbly and fun and has the best laugh. And Nate- he’s the definition of a true gentleman. You can tell he takes such good care of her, and loves her so well. Oh and he’s funny… and knows exactly how to make that gorgeous laugh of hers appear at the drop of a hat.
Katie told me they didn’t plan their outfits ahead of time (I don’t really know if I believe her ;)), but they totally killed the wardrobe department and showed up looking like a walking American Eagle Outfitters ad. With his dad’s old, blue Chevy truck. I mean really. I can’t get enough of these two.

DSC_1855DSC_1709DSC_1826DSC_1789DSC_1783DSC_1778DSC_1762DSC_1721When they’re not being all bubbly, and adorable, they’re busy bringing their fierce, gorgeous sides.
LOVE it. DSC_1716DSC_1730DSC_1735DSC_1749DSC_1837DSC_1745DSC_1760DSC_1702DSC_1699DSC_1667DSC_1692DSC_1704DSC_1664DSC_1672DSC_1674DSC_1677DSC_1671DSC_1790DSC_1806DSC_1811DSC_1814DSC_1819DSC_1663DSC_1878DSC_1844Nate is a mechanic, and the truck was actually his wonderful idea, so when he saw this picture, his response was “That’s incredible. It’s like two of my favorite things in the universe. My girl and my cars.”
Ahh- you just can’t help but love him.
DSC_1829DSC_1832DSC_1839DSC_1930DSC_1992DSC_1895DSC_1892DSC_1924DSC_1913DSC_1940DSC_1957DSC_1941DSC_1998DSC_1988DSC_1968This just might be my favorite picture of the entire year!
They are perfect. DSC_1974Ahh- you guys- I had the best time, and can NOT wait for your big day!!


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