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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Charles and Regina: Wedding

Mar 28, 2015

She is genuine, compassionate, so full of joy and love. I’ve never met a more bubbly soul, and when I met her for the first time just one month ago I loved her instantly. So it wasn’t in the least bit hard to imagine that Charles did too- they were introduced last year through Regina’s sister, and will both agree it was love at first sight.
They were engaged in January and were originally planning a summer wedding, but decided why wait if you know you’ve found the one.
Regina and her sisters planned a day that would take most people a year in just over a month, and it was gorgeous!

It was a day of sheer happiness.
Love was showered on everyone present, tears of joy flowed freely,
and by the end of the night everyone felt like family.

JCY_6792JCY_6818JCY_6825I loved this sweet moment with Regina and her daddy. JCY_6858JCY_6811JCY_6871JCY_6907Regina, you are STUNNING!JCY_6928JCY_6901JCY_6925JCY_6938There is a prayer garden near Regina’s house where she spent lots of her time, and so it was only fitting that it would be the place where she became a Mrs.
It was perfect, and the sun reflected beautifully off the freshly fallen snow. JCY_6990JCY_7004JCY_7008JCY_7018JCY_7019The kiddo cuteness at this day was over the top.
Are they not the most adorable flower girls and ring bearer you’ve ever seen?JCY_7022JCY_7058JCY_7075I love this sweet moment between Regina and Charles just after they were pronounced husband and wife.
JCY_7080To close the service, Regina’s grandfather prayed a special prayer of blessing over them as they begin this new journey together. JCY_7084JCY_7108JCY_7157JCY_7152Ahh- you two!! JCY_7159JCY_7166JCY_7459JCY_7453Not only are her sisters incredibly gorgeous, they’re super talented as well.
They created all the floral arrangements, including the bridal bouquet which was made of one hundred white roses. JCY_7473JCY_7416JCY_7392Regina’s sisters and mother were all so thrilled for her, this was their idea and I love how it turned out. JCY_7352JCY_7480And a few more of the beautiful couple…JCY_7487JCY_7495JCY_7546JCY_7524JCY_7491JCY_7564JCY_7549DSC_7293Their reception was classy, timeless, and unique all at the same time.
I loved the pops of color everywhere. JCY_7177JCY_7178JCY_7180JCY_7211JCY_7236A cake made from long-johns!! How awesome is that? JCY_7190JCY_7598JCY_7606There was a time for toasts, stories, and so much love for the bride and groom. JCY_7653JCY_7690JCY_7627JCY_7632And we ended the night with a few more quick portraits, and they ended up being my favorites.
I love these last three images! JCY_7737JCY_7741JCY_7740Regina & Charles, we are SO thrilled for the two of you!
We wish you a lifetime of love and so much happiness.


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