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Mentoring Sessions

Aug 14, 2014

webversionI know how hard it can be to get started in photography.
I started when I was just 13 and would have LOVED to have someone who was  experienced to teach me a few of the ins and outs.
But I was SO intimidated of all the older, more established photographers, I didn’t dare ask.
(Now that I’m older, I’ve found that they aren’t scary. In fact they’re really nice.)
So I taught myself. We took a lots of classes at our local community college on Photoshop and Basic Photography, found online webinars on editing, and really learned through trial and error.
While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning that way, it would have been so much better/easier to have someone to walk along side of me- a mentor of sorts.
Which is why it has always been a huge dream of mine to offer some type of photography classes for those who are looking for this very thing.

So with out farther adieu, allow me to introduce our version of-
Mentoring Sessions.

We’ll start the day chatting over lunch about  the aspects of photography that interest you most.
We’ll discuss everything from editing and retouching to shooting in different types of light and using off camera flash to light a reception.
We’ll go over gear, discuss lens choices, and flashes.
Nothing is off limits.
Then we’ll shoot new head-shots for you and your business, and you’ll get to see hands on the way we direct and pose our clients (you) and the benefits of using reflectors.
And finally we’ll finish up in my home and focus on a few basic photoshop and editing techniques.

In this part you’ll learn…
How to add light to your pictures.

Untitled-2How to create dark, dramatic edits.
Untitled-1And how to remove unwanted objects or in this case- two curious onlookers. 😉
But most importantly, I’ll be available via phone & email to answer any questions you have in the three months following your session.
The cost is $500- lunch is included.

If this is something that interests you or if you’d like more info, I’d love to hear from you!



  1. Elaine Hurst says:

    Is this offer still open?

  2. Esther Mast says:

    Hey I am a newbie at this photography business and was wondering if and when you’re having another mentoring class? 🙂
    Thanks so much for your time! Can’t wait to hear back.
    Thanks again! ~ Esther Mast

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