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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Courtney & Katrina: Engagement

Apr 17, 2014

Courtney and Katrina met at God’s Bible College- a small college in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Courtney was a junior studying Ministerial Education and was assigned to help Katrina’s family move her stuff into the freshmen ladies dorm.
The specific words by a faculty member were, “Courtney, you’re always looking for an excuse to go to the girls dorm.” 🙂


They met each other various times over the course of the year, but it wasn’t until Katrina was helping to plan a project to give special recognition to a campus family, not normally recognized that he really noticed her. They started talking and hanging out throughout the rest of the year and into the summer. And the rest is history. 😉


They are absolutely adorable together.
She’s has such a kind, sweet personality and he is her rock.
You can just tell he adores her, and takes such good care of her.

JCY_2814JCY_2810JCY_2805JCY_2852JCY_2848JCY_2843Ahh- her eyes!!
So, so pretty!!

JCY_2827JCY_2819JCY_2817JCY_2857JCY_2871We met them this past winter on a day when it was freezing cold.
I was so glad to have the cover of the old Lancaster Station.
It’s so pretty and has lots of natural light!

JCY_2874JCY_2886See- he loves her.
It’s so easy to tell.

JCY_2899JCY_2920JCY_2934JCY_2902We stepped outside in quick 5 minute intervals, and then warmed up again inside. 🙂

JCY_2952JCY_2948JCY_2967JCY_2964JCY_2941JCY_2969JCY_2975JCY_2977JCY_2980JCY_2978JCY_3004JCY_3034JCY_2987JCY_2989JCY_3026I’ll end with my favorite series!
Her red is so pretty against the grey background, and they are just the cutest!

Love you guys, and can’t wait for your big day!!



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