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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Dallas & Shanna: Engagement

Mar 15, 2013

They started dating a few summers ago, but then Dallas went off to mission aviation school in Michigan.
After dating long distance for a while they decided to take a break and focus on their lives individually.
But it didn’t even take a week for them both to realize that they wanted to be together. forever.
So even thought they weren’t officially together at the moment, they started hanging out again when he was in the area for the weekend- you could say secretly dating of sorts.
He graduated and moved back last August, and they have been inseparable since.

They are adorable together, they laugh a lot, and complement each other perfectly.
Shanna has been my friend ever since first grade, and I could not be more happy for her and Dallas.

They are planning a gorgeous vintage wedding for June, and I absolutely can NOT wait.
I’m sure she will be a very beautiful bride!

He absolutely adores her. You can just tell.

We started the shoot at the house where our wonderful friend Katie grew up. It is full of awesome locations.

Shanna brought a truck full of awesome props, all of which were perfect for the location and style.

Love them…

Then we headed to Lancaster Airport for my favorite part of the evening.
Since Dallas is in pilot training, we had to include Airplane Pictures!!

Could they be any more adorable??

I know I said it before, but we really can’t wait!
Love you guys!! xoxo


  1. Tashia says:

    Beautiful pictures, Kayla!

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