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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Bryan and Karen

Nov 1, 2012

This family is awesome… end of story. 😉

No seriously, the parents are incredibly good looking and they have
the three darling-est little girls in the world- how can you not love them?

They might look familiar from their equally adorable shoot last summer…

If you would peep in their windows at night, you will most likely see them playing memory or watching animal planet.

This was Desiree’s idea… 😉

When I asked Karen about her husband, she said…
There’s just so much to say about this man; I am so blessed. He is kind, considerate, and I know there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me. I was drawn to his kindness for other people, and the way he is everybody’s friend and easy to be with.
We love just being together, and try to go on dates as often as we can- most times just going out for dinner (’cause we have kiddos at home).
We will celebrate 10 years in September!!
The best part of him is watching him being a daddy to our precious girls;
Nothing gives me greater joy than to see him father our girls.
He is a great daddy, and our girls know it and adore him.

Tatania is our “miracle child.”
She is adopted, and we literally got her overnight, (within sixteen hours of hearing about her she was in my arms- and her daddy and I were gonners!!) Her giggle is contagious! She loves people and a good party. She is with her daddy as much possible. She has a kind heart and is very protective of her sisters. Lately she doesn’t walk places- she cart wheels! She never gets tired of being in the water, and summer days are spent at her papa’s pond.

Desiree is our second born, she was born just eleven months after we got our Tatania.
She is a bit more reserved, quiet- until you know her. She is my peace maker, always putting other peoples needs in front of her own, sweet and easy to get along with, very loyal and kind, knows exactly what she wants, and you can’t change her mind (she’s stubborn in her quiet way).

She loves jump roping and swimming and has just started kindergarten and LOVES it.

Payton has brought lots of spice to our family!
She is a clown, VERY stubborn, loves people, and is always ready to go somewhere. So often she has me so mad- and the next minute rolling on the floor laughing! She is tempermental and “ya just never know”. She also loves to be with her daddy, and a good game of memory.

Yay for jumping!! 😉

I love you guys, ALOT!! 😉
Thank you, xoxo.


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