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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Jared and Ajantha: Engagement

Oct 8, 2012

Jared and Ajantha went to high school together, and were always friends.
They flirted and liked each other, but still dated other people.

Finally, when they started their first semester of college they decided to give love a chance
and started a relationship. Between friends.
They reasoned that the worst thing that could happen is that it would not work out, but they could still be friends.

Two months into their relationship it was far from not working out.
They were more comfortable than ever, and had become each other’s best friend.
They knew then that they were meant for each other and committed themselves to each other- hoping to get married someday.
They learned about each other’s biggest fears, goals, regrets, and hopes; and realized that they were so alike yet so different.
Perfectly compatible and in-love.

Nine months later Jared asked Ajantha to become his wife and share life’s struggles and joys together.

Friends and soulmates Forever.  

In Ajantha’s words…
“Jared is funny, goofy, strong, loving, caring, and very nurturing.
I love that he always thinks about my feelings before his, and how he respects my boundaries and limits.

He ALWAYS lifts me up and supports my life and career decisions.
He loves God, treats me amazing, always opens my door for me, and just simply loves me regardless of what.
He is everything I could ask for in a guy, my dream guy, and God’s perfect creation for me.”

And in Jared’s words…
“If you didn’t know Ajantha, the first thing you will notice about her is her huge beautiful dark eyes,
the kind of eyes that a whole group of people can easily get lost for decades in. (And a compass won’t help once you get stuck in her eyes.) 
But once you get past her eyes you still have her smile, not a single living human being cannot help but smile when she is smiling.
It’s like taking a large chunk of the sun and permanently sticking it to her lips,
and when she smiles it turns the darkness of any room into happiness.

Her personality is always spunky and happy no matter what her mood is.
She is very caring towards others, whether it’s a homeless guy who looks hungry,
or a bride at the Alfred Angelo shop where she works who really wants the perfect dress.
If she is faced with anyone who needs help you can count on her taking the time out of her busy day to make sure that person gets help.

She is in love with me and tries to make sure I am happy,
but it’s usually just a never ending circle because I’m only happy when she is happy!!
Her sense of humor has a way of making even me smile even when I’m the grumpiest of moods.
I just love everything about her, everything from the way she hides her feet after work
because they “smell” to the way she makes sure I’m not getting hurt at work!”

They love spending time with each other’s families;
but most of all cuddling and talking about the future and how they want to grow old together.

Can I just say, I love these two!

They are planning a summer wedding at Lauxmont Farms.
I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

Thank you both! We love you!


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