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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

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Dave and Jen: Engagement

Sep 17, 2012

They met while watching a football game with a few mutual friends.
They chatted and the more she got to know him, the more she found herself falling in love with his old fashioned values for work, family, and most importantly, God.
She loves the way he makes her laugh, his smarts and quick whit, and the fact that she can ALWAYS count on him to be there for her.
But now, what she mostly loves is the fact that he isn’t taking being the head of our family too lightly. He is embracing this, but taking steps to make sure he’s doing it God’s way. What a man!!

What first caught Dave’s attention about Jen was the fact that she wasn’t easily embarrassed.
He can give her a hard time, and she is always be quick to reply with her own smart remarks.
She is a country girl at heart, and enjoys the laid-back country lifestyle, which he loves.
But what really made him fall in love with her was the way she always tries her best to walk as a true Christian.
She challenges him to be a better Christian, partner, brother, and son. And vice versa.

Jen found this gorgeous venue for her engagement photos. It was so perfect for them, and we had a wonderful time strolling through the gardens during their engagement session.

Jen, you are gorgeous, just gorgeous!

They are so perfectly in love!

And yes, she was right when she said he makes her laugh. A lot! 😉

MmHmm. He adores her.

Love them!

They are a unique couple in that they hunt together- a lot. (Goose hunting is their favorite :)).
And for them, a trip to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop is the best date night ever!

Dave and Jen are planning a beautiful October wedding, and we are honored to be a part of such a happy time in their lives.

Thank you both!


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