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Hi there! Welcome to the blog, a journal featuring our most recent weddings, engagements, and occasional travels. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Kayla.

Elvin and Ruthie: Engagement

Sep 8, 2012

They met one night when Elvin’s friends invited her to play volley ball with their youth group.
Ruthie noticed him right away… He was tall, had gorgeous eyes, and the most amazing curls. She loved the way he was a-little on the quiet side, but a true gentleman nonetheless; and (as much as she didn’t want to be)
by the end of the night she was smitten.
In December, she was again invited to join their youth group, this time on a prison crusade trip to Florida.
After that they made a  point to see each other more, hanging out here and there.
Then in May they traveled to Montana together, and to her complete surprise,
he asked her if she would like to start a relationship together while they were there.
Over the course of a year they became best of friends.
The hard times only made their relationship stronger, made them more sure of each other.
And so when he popped the question next to the Chesapeake Bay, one Sunday evening in April, of course she said “Yes!”:)

Everyone who knows Ruthie will tell you how genuine and kind she is.
She has SO many friends, but I do believe Elvin described her better than anyone could have.
Here’s what he said… “When I first met her I saw right away she was the kind of girl I could just be myself around. I not only think, but know she has the biggest heart you’ll ever find. She has a way of making people feel special. I had the awesome opportunity to go on a prison crusade with her, and it gave me a glimpse of her walk with the Lord. Her relationship with the the Lord reminds me of a Daddy’s little girl- very sensitive and with total admiration always wanting to please Him. She’s been an incredible encouragement to me in that area, and has taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life. Things like watching the sun set, stargazing, and just sitting out watching the night sky.. She is my BEST FRIEND… oh, and she’s taught me what TRUE love is.”
Seriously, he adores her!

Just as much as I love how well Elvin described Ruthie, I adore what Ruthie had to say about Elvin.
Now if you didn’t know Elvin I would tell you first how absolutely gorgeous he is. And then I’d tell you how he’s patient, he’s kind, and he will do anything for anybody. I love watching him with his family. He’s very organized and on time. He knows me better than I do myself, and he believes in me. I love how he makes me laugh even when I’m “not in the mood”. I love his work ethic. Ohhh there’s more, so much more. But I’ll stop with that. I can not wait to start the rest of our lives together… :)”

Ruthie picked Valley Forge National Park for their engagement photos.
The entire park was gorgeous, but I especially loved the old stone chapel.

Girl, you are stunning! 🙂

In the summer you’ll find them having Rita’s mistos; in the winter it’s Panera’s lattes.
They enjoy road trips complete with long talks and singing at the top of their lungs.

Stargazing, finding and enjoying nature and new parks (like this one) are definitely some of their favorites activities.


Thank you both for being so awesome!!
We are very much looking forward to your wedding next month!



  1. mart says:

    oh*sniff*sniff*this is precious.ok waaahhh waaaahh nothing like a good cry!!oh my Ruthie you are GORGEOUS!!in such a genuine way. and Elvin..really your just GREAT!! Kayla you did another amazing job! love how you completely captured there personality!!

  2. Heidi says:

    Great photo’s Ruthie & Elvin!
    Have fun at your wedding & all the love for the following years together…

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