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Hi, I'm Kayla.

My Tuesday Tip :)

Nov 8, 2011

So my blogging has been a little sporadic and inconsistent lately. I keep trying to think of some type of post I could do on a weekly basis that would keep me accountable; like maybe  where we could talk  photoshop and stuff.  Since Tuesday is really my only day off where I can do photography stuff  I thought maybe I’ll call it “My Tuesday Tip” post. We’ll see if it lasts. So here goes..

First shot is sooc (straight out of camera).

…and the edited version.

The intent with this image was to create the appearance that it was late in the day and the flood light is illuminating the subject when in fact the light wasn’t even on.

So after color correction and burning in shadows the only thing you need to do to create the illusion of light is to paint white with a soft white brush at about a 9% opacity. You can use this trick  for just about any kind of light; to create back light when there is none, or for rim light around your subject, and even to create catch lights in eyes. Just remember to adjust the size of your brush so it looks realistic.

We’re off to the cabin for deer hunting till the week-end so happy week everyone!


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