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Comfort zones

Sep 28, 2010

On Sunday we visited Bethel Church because my uncle John had the message. It was the first time I had heard him preach, and I was completely blown away. He spoke about our comfort zones, and asked the question- “Are we as Christians even allowed to have a comfort zone?” For some reason we all feel entitled to our comfort zone.  He told the story of a small church located in Germany during the Nazi regime. It was a quiet church located in the farmlands far away from the city. A few hundred yards from the church there was a train track, but trains never ran on Sundays. One Sunday morning however, while they were having their service, they heard the strangest sound coming from the tracks. They all ran to the windows to see what on earth was causing the noise. What they saw was horrifying. There were people so thin they just looked like skeletons packed into train cars on their way to the gas chambers screaming and crying out for help. They people from the small country church stared in disbelief and horror, but didn’t make any attempt to help these poor victims on their way to certain death. Sunday after Sunday these train cars went by, and never once did they make the slightest effort to help. Years later, a woman who lived in New York was interviewed about her life. She was a little girl in that small church in Germany during the holocaust. The reporter asked her, “What did you do when the train cars went past your church every Sunday morning?” She replied, “We just sang louder. The louder they screamed and cried for help, the louder we sang.”

Are we just “singing louder” instead of stepping out of our comfort zone?

John, I want to thank you for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. I’m sure its not easy, but I am equally sure that you will be blessed way beyond what you can imagine. And even though it doesn’t seem fair that grandma couldn’t be there, she would be SOO proud, and I am positive that she  is smiling from heaven.

In other news. I could never convince Mom to fly to Vegas to WPPI so we went to the WPPI: Roadtrip in New Jersey yesterday and it was AWESOME!!!! Doug Gordon, Cris Becker, Greg Gibson, and Lori Nordstrom were all speakers there, and we definitely learned a lot, and had a ton of fun!!!

Annndd because, blog posts aren’t cool without a picture, here’s my dose of creativity for the day. 😉



  1. Linda says:

    thankyou Kayla for sharing…

  2. Sil says:

    That message was amazing!! Love the picture of Rita

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