The Smoker family

    This shoot was my idea of a really good time!!

    Not only had Mim scouted and found a great location; but she brought THE most awesome prop ever!

    Oh and she has two of the most adorable and handsome kids you’ll ever find.

    my fave…

    I loved their color combinations too!

    I asked Melody to tell her family a funny story; and so she did. Absolutely hilarious! 🙂

    Another fav…

    And here’s the cool prop. Love how Melody’s working it! 🙂

    Matt I think you should be a guy model. Just sayin.

    fav #3.

    Thank-you Omar and Mim!! lov you guys. xoxox~ Kayla


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    Rosa Fisher

    Love love these! Agreein’ that Matt could model. Love the truck!!!


    Totally priceless!!!! What an outstanding job at getting all the colors, props, and gorgeous people together for just the right pics!!! Good job Mim! Love them all!!!!

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