The Lockwoods

    The Lockwoods live in Tennessee, but were in Lancaster County for a family wedding. Their dad works as a bus driver for celebrities (think Lady Antebellum, Fergi… those type of people- sounds awesome right?) Unfortunately, he missed the wedding by three days so he couldn’t make it to the photoshoot…

    At any rate, here’s the fabulous Lockwood family!!


    Their kids are absolutely gorgeous (Austin if gorgeous isn’t manly enough for you I suppose you could insert handsome

    there 😉 ). Seriously though, take one look at their mom, and you’ll know why!


    Jordyn is an aspiring model, and definately knows how to work it for the camera. Jordyn, I can’t wait until your senior shoot!! 😉




    This dashing young gentleman, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as fond of the camera… I’m pretty sure this picture was bribed, but I’d say it was well worth it!


    I think part of the reason I liked him so much is because he acts exacly like my brother… and… well… brothers… you can’t help but love ’em.



    Yeah, Austin will probably kill me for posting this, but for real, its great!

    Let me just insert his little disclaimer: we were almost finished with pictures, so he sat there nicely smiling away and had nooo idea this was coming!!! 😉


    Thanks guys for the great fun! Have an awesome rest of your summer and I’ll see yous in August!! xoxo

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