The Family Christmas Card

    We have this BAD habit of procrastinating with our family Christmas card. Every year.

    You would think that after one year we would learn, but we don’t.

    So we freeze half to death, look cold, and have to expedite the shipping just to get them out before Christmas.

    This year, we were finally down to the last possible day for a photoshoot, (it just had to be the coldest day of the year) and we realized we didn’t have anyone to take the pictures. So we recruited our awesome cousin Zach. 😉


    This is so typical…


    And the finished product…

    mom card version for blog

    I love my family more than anything else in world.


    I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and I wish you a very Happy New Year!!

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    I know the feeling with taking pics in the cold weather! We did the snow pics last year and what a cold, blast of fun! Always worth the effort when it comes to great family photos! Happy New Year!


    you do hav a wonderful family…Steve&I would love to read you’re Mom& Dad’s book:):) for real.

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