Kinza is SO beautiful, very sweet, and extremely photogenic!!:)

    She LOVES to shop- especially anywhere like Deb, Aero, and Kohls.
    Everywhere she goes she listens to music, and couldn’t live without it.
    And she enjoys playing volleyball, and taking photos of scenery and still life.

    We shot at lots of different locations, and got so many good pictures.
    So just a warning- this post is just a TINY bit long. 🙂

    Love this!!


    She has a beautiful smile…

    …and an even better serious face! 🙂

    Girl, you are BEYOND gorgeous!!

    Kinza’s favorite quote is, “Don’t wait for the storm to pass but learn to dance in the rain.”

    Her number one goal in life is to travel to another country.


    She isn’t sure what her life after high school will consist of;
    but for now she is planning to work full time while waiting to see what opportunities the Lord provides.

    Kinza, thank you so much for allowing me to document such an awesome time in your life.
    I wish you only the very best as you seek God’s will for your life.

    Much Love. xoxo

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