Keith and Marilyn: Proposal

    It started with a phone call from Keith, “I need your help.” I laughed because I knew exactly what he wanted. “Where do I buy a ring? How much do I spend? Will you photograph the proposal?” Keith is my best friend’s baby brother, so of course I was thrilled to help. He wanted to propose down along the creek on his parents property, but needed a good excuse to get Marilyn down there **and not in her freaking muck boots** his words, not mine. Haha. The location is actually the most beautiful place on earth especially in the spring, so that part was easy. I texted her and mentioned that we should shoot a few photos just for fun since it rained at their session last summer. She was so in, and said she would see if she could convince Keith. He played right along, dragging his feet **so realistic** and finally agreed to do it “If she buys him a new shirt to wear for the shoot.” Hah. Little did she know he had been secretly planning it all out for weeks and had custom ordered the prettiest ring from Brent L. Miller. She was so stunned and literally could not stop smiling the rest of the evening!

    Here’s a few of my favorites!

    Congrats you two!! We love you so much!
    SO excited for Paris.

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