Kara Lee

    **Disclaimer** Before you think this is not my typical writing style– Kara INSISTED on writing her own blog post- in third person. I laughed when I read it, because its so her. If you don’t know her you might think its weird, but let me just say, she is completely sanguine (maybe a little random at times…), genuinely kind, and has tons of friends… I love her to pieces. Oh, and if you don’t get her obsession with dinosaurs- don’t ask me because I don’t either.

    So… the rest of this post is Kara’s version of herself. 😉

    To describe my sister, there is only one thing to say. She is totally cool. Without her, I would be lost.

    She is the one who gave me my boyfriend. She is the one who introduced me to dinosaurs.

    She is the one who keeps me alive.


    She loves ice coffees, dinosaurs, her horse, her dog, friends, Nicaragua, and quiz team.

    She loves everyone, well, everyone except Mike.

    [Don’t blame her, he almost sold her yorkie puppies -on ebay!]


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    Thanks, Kara,  for editing all these pictures.

    I hope someday, you will live in Nicaragua, and will go hunting, and will see an actual dinosaur.

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    haha oo kara i really did laugh out loud when i saw this post…i knw u and i still think its weird..haha jk i luv u even if u have a really odd obsession with dinosaurs!


    OMW.. Its scary how much she looks like you!! 🙂 But, trust me, its good thing!!:)


    Kara… you’re the best, wish we could clone you, and OH GOOD news, I saw somewhere they are bringing the giant mammouth (not spelled right)back to life (thru cloning) maybe dionosaurs will be next:)

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