Lively. Spirited. Determined.

    Here’s Justine.


    She loves going to the beach, playing volleyball, texting, and shopping.

    Favorite places to shop? Rue 21. Kohls. Target. and American Eagle.

    Bands she likes to jam to? Newsboys. TobyMac. and Skillet.

    In her spare time you might find her on facebook, reading, or hanging out with her friends.

    She’s not exactly sure what she’ll be doing after grad, but for now she’s planning on working at Hilltop Acres…


    Justine, you are gorgeous!!




    So, one last thing about Justine that I just have to include (because I love her so much). She was awarded the title of “senior class drama queen.” And NOO that’s not a bad thing. See every year at Junior/Senior banquet there’s this wills and prophecies “ceremony”. The juniors get to propecy the seniors lives out of school, and the seniors get to will anything they want to the juniors. Most times its stuff like a parking spot, or their excellent basketball abilities, that sort of thing. But a few years the title of “senior class drama queen” was willed to a junior, and it just kept being passed down the classes. For some “unknown” reason, I was bequeathed it last year. In my opinion, its not an offensive title, its an honor. And so, this year at Junior/Senior banquet, I entrusted the title to Justine. A girl after my own heart. πŸ™‚ Justine, always remember to wear your title with pride. πŸ˜‰










    Congrats on your senior year. All the best! xoxo

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    @Justine…lookin’ good, girl, seriously! Great pics. And I certainly am not ashamed to admit to being the one who bequeathed the title of Senior Class Drama Queen to Kayla and am glad to see it being passed on to you. Carry it with pride. πŸ™‚

    @Kayla…again, nice work! Great job with the posing, especially. Kudos! πŸ™‚

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