Just Because

    The most beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to my door the other day. It made me smile, and I think mom was just a teeny bit jealous. 😉

    And since I don’t think I posted a picture of him yet, here’s one of the amazing boy who sent them.

    mt blog

    I couldn’t ask God for anyone more awesome. xoxo

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    Yup, yup, he’s a keeper! Soooo happy for you Kayla!


    How sweet!!!! The flowers are gorgeous and those “Lapps” are a trip! Congratulations on your dating relationship! Keep Christ #1! I fell in love with the last name Lapp too!!!! Awesome!


    aww kayla they’re beautiful!!! I am so happy for you guys, you so deserve each other!!! 😉


    omw…this is beyond sweet, the flowers are so gorgeous! Kayla i’m so,so happy for you!..to hav a wonderful man to be in love with, is one of God’s wonderful blessings!!


    Agree with Faith, he’s a keeper! He brings some “much needed” class to our family:)

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