John Ervin & Anna Ruth

    She is so extremely sweet and kind. You will never hear her say anything negative, and everybody around her loves her.

    He is a true gentleman. He takes super care of her, and you can tell just by looking at them how much he adores her.

    They both have impeccable style, are one of the most out-going couples I know, and are a ton of fun to be with!

    It was sweltering hot the evening we took their pictures, but they were really good sports and looked as fabulous as always. 😉

    Definitely one of my faves!!

    The light was just perfect…

    Isn’t she just absolutely GORGEOUS?!!

    I know this is a little off topic but if you ever need someone  to tint your car windows- here’s your guy.

    He did mine and did a super job!

    I love this next picture…

    Aqua garage door? YES PLEASE!! 🙂

    And one final, fun shot…

    Congratulations again, and best wishes as you plan your November wedding!! xoxo

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    beautiful pictures of beautiful people!!:):):)

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