For the first time ever I had to shoot in broad daylight,
    AND instead of freaking out (which- by the way is usually my first reaction :))
    I decided to view it as a challenge and an opportunity to shoot outside of my typical style.

    Ivan is a huge Steelers fan, they were actually leaving for a game that afternoon.

    Typically I always shoot towards the sun, but I love how blue the skies become when you shoot with the sun at your back.

    These pictures were a Christmas gift for his girlfriend- **Attn. guys- this is a cool idea!** šŸ™‚

    Thank you, Ivan, for the opportunity. We had a blast.

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    Wow, that IS a sweet idea! Cool guy. And I like these pics a lot, Kayla…maybe you should try middle of the day some more! šŸ™‚


    Thanks 2 u Kayla!!! I had a lotta fun. & my girlfriend had a nice suprise… She loves the pix šŸ™‚ thanx Melanie…

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