I’m engaged & other general information…

    I’m sure you all know, but just IN CASE you haven’t heard- I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

    I’m super excited to finally get to plan my own wedding, and to marry the man of my dreams! 😉

    Photo credits go to my brother Javan, who I finally convinced to pick up a camera on family vacation.

    In addition to planning a wedding, I am also still working at my dad’s restaurant in Philly three days a week.
    (4:15 AM is early people! ;))
    Sooo this means that I can’t take as many pictures as I’d like, and currently I am booked until the beginning of November.
    So to all you pretty people who still wanted summer-time photos- I apologize. Call me up for next year. 🙂
    OR we can wait until November and fly someplace warm!!

    In other news: Mike is currently in photography training. 😉 I am hoping to have him help me with weddings starting this fall. He really learns quite fast, and I LOVE having him along.

    Especially when I need a model… (or just a good laugh 🙂 )

    Having him along also came in REALLY handy when I needed a lift (after I stepped in a rusty nail during a shoot).
    And, as fun as the ride was, I don’t think I’ll be stepping on any old boards again any time soon!! 😉

    Happy Wednesday! xoxo

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    Oh my word!!! Mike and I laughed and laughed at your “mike lapp” pose! Such a howl! Congratulations and if he keeps up his great modeling and poses, I am sure your buisness will be a great success & filled with wonderful smiles! Ha! God bless you as you plan for your BIG day!


    once again…sooooo excited for yous!!! yous are wonderful together!:):):) we love yas!!

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