Hoj & Lizanne: Engagement Session

    These two lovebirds’ wedding is coming soon, but for now here’s a few of our favorites from their engagement session.

    Loved spending the evening with them shooting these images.

    They are so adorable together- you can tell he absolutely adores her. JCY_2313JCY_2310JCY_2297JCY_2238JCY_2319JCY_2316JCY_2307JCY_2268
    Love this! JCY_2264JCY_2246JCY_2233JCY_2229JCY_2288JCY_2280DSC_7589DSC_7587
    After we finished at Poole Forge Park we headed to a second location- Nolde Forest Park- which is this gorgeous castle in the woods.
    JCY_2534JCY_2559JCY_2562JCY_2556JCY_2558JCY_2550JCY_2432JCY_2430JCY_2553JCY_2418JCY_2399JCY_2388JCY_2408Sweet baby Kade snuck into a few photos.
    He is such a little charmer.


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