I already posted these pictures on my personal facebook, so if you saw them before- I apologize :).

    I finally got to check “Visit Europe” off my bucket list!!

    I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking so here’s London…

    The Windsor Castle- the largest inhabited castle in the world. It was magnificent!!!

    Brussels, Belgium…

    Belgium is famous for their waffles, and yes, they were as good as they look!!


    The Alps (in Switzerland and Austria)…

    VENIS!!! Italy was definately my favorite country of all. If you think Italian food in the States is good, wait until you try real Italian cooking. And gelato… its Amazing.

    Verona, Italy…

    Here’s Juliet’s balcony. 😉

    And finally Paris…

    The Notre Dame (pictured above and below) was only one of the many immense cathedrals we saw. It has  stained glass dating back to the thirteenth century, and was absolutely breathtaking.

    It was an incredible trip, and pictures will never do it justice. So if you ever get the chance to go see it for yourself, DEFINATELY do!! 🙂

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    WOW…WOW…and WOW…most of us only get to see these places in our history books!!!


    i sure don’t mind seeing the pics twice,and i want one of those waffles,K.:):)

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