Dave and Lydiann

    It was in the youth Christmas play last year that Lydiann started noticing the handsome temple man that was in the same scene she was. Then a few weeks later it “just so happened” that they went to Florida with the same group of people, and really started to get to know each other. In February the youth group was planning three different two week trips to Nicaragua. Originally Lydiann had planned to go with the third group and Dave was going with the second group. However, two weeks before the second group left, she got a call asking if she would be willing to switch to that group. She said yeah, but she doesn’t have her passport. Well crazy as it may sound, she got her passport a couple days before they left, and again they were traveling together. By the end of the trip Dave was sure she was the girl for him, so on the way home in the airplane he asked her out. Of course she said yes, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

    Lydiann had several locations picked out for their engagement shoot. We started out at her house.

    Here’s she’s doing what she does best… laughing 🙂8 X 10 final


    The second location was the bridge on Millcreek Road.  Love this place!!

    order 5 x 7




    Just had to include one of Dave’s cool red truck!!!!


    On the way back we swung by Beachdale Farms. Lydiann knows the groundskeeper who lives there.




    The light was beautiful.



    Dave and Lydiann, thanks so much!! You guys are a ton of fun!!!! I can’t wait for your wedding in December.

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