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    The Smoker family

    This shoot was my idea of a really good time!! Not only had Mim scouted and found a great location; but she brought THE most awesome prop ever! Oh and she has two of the most adorable and handsome kids you’ll ever find. my fave… I loved their color combinations too! I asked Melody to […]

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    You may remember Jamiee’s baby pictures… Well, he is growing up so fast- his first birthday was just last month. And he is quite the little charmer… 🙂 I love him, and his crazy laugh!! I love the next two- so random and fun… 🙂 AND BLUE EYES!!! 🙂 Nancy’s life revolves around Jamiee, and […]

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    I left right before all our gorgeous trees bloomed in the backyard. Somehow, I thought maybe they would hold off until I came home… yeh right. One of the first things I asked my mom when I got home was, “Did the trees bloom yet?” Yes, they did- and I could have cried. But when […]

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    She is the sweetest girl ever. A little bit of a drama queen. Okay actually alot. (She learns well ;)) Perfectionist. Always ready to model for a photoshoot. She has  a servants heart and is always making something special for someone. But most importantly she’s my darling little sister, and I love her so much!!! […]

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