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    J.R. and Esther

    So ever since I heard J.R. had asked Esther out I started scheming and dreaming about how I could take their pictures. And  since he’s my cousin and all, I started gettin’ on his case at market every Saturday about how he needs to get engaged so I can take their pictures. Well, no they […]

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    Elmer and Kathryn

    Kathryn is one of my super good friends… I mean we even have a deal that she’s gonna be my maid of honor if I ever get married! Or at least that’s what she says. I’m thinkin’ maybe they could be like honorary couple or something… 🙂 Oh and when she has a baby its […]

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    Dave and Lydiann

    It was in the youth Christmas play last year that Lydiann started noticing the handsome temple man that was in the same scene she was. Then a few weeks later it “just so happened” that they went to Florida with the same group of people, and really started to get to know each other. In […]

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    Cuppy and Verna: Engagement

    For Cuppy and Verna’s engagement shoot we headed down to Brandywine Manor Estate. This place was gorgeous and since Verna’s father had done work for the doctor who owned the estate we were able to have the run of the place– at no cost. 🙂 The evening was amazing as were their color choices. Verna’s […]

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    Jason and Mindy

    She is so sweet and passive, and has the most amazing blue eyes in the world and he’s got this great sense of humor and well… let’s just say, Mindy, I’m sure your life will never be boring. 🙂 Jason and Mindy were up for anything and were so much fun to photograph. I’m looking […]

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