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    Carson & Katie

    Katie has been one of my best friends ever since freshman year of high school. When Carson joined our class in senior year, she was smitten. I’m pretty sure that I get some of the credit for getting them together. I at least get the credit for rigging the seats on the way home from […]

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    Elmer & Mim

    A few years ago Mim and a few of her friends were in Florida for vacation. They decided to take a day trip to wake board with some guys from the area who were staying several hours away. It was then that she first noticed Elmer. Apparently he left a good impression. Several months later […]

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    John Ervin & Anna Ruth

    She is so extremely sweet and kind. You will never hear her say anything negative, and everybody around her loves her. He is a true gentleman. He takes super care of her, and you can tell just by looking at them how much he adores her. They both have impeccable style, are one of the […]

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    Checkers and Grace

    Checkers and Grace are both calm and collected. They fit each other perfectly, and you can tell just by looking at them how much they love each other. They getting married this November; I’m sure its going to be a super fun day!! 🙂 They were very easy to photograph, and I absolutely LOVED all […]

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