Carson & Katie

    Katie has been one of my best friends ever since freshman year of high school.

    When Carson joined our class in senior year, she was smitten. I’m pretty sure that I get some of the credit for getting them together. I at least get the credit for rigging the seats on the way home from senior trip to Grenada (so that they ended up beside each other for seven hours straight).
    In exchange they agreed to be my models for a photo shoot in Philadelphia. 🙂

    We walked around, had fun, and ate at Max Brenner’s Chocolate Cafe’
    (which by the way is THE coolest restaurant/cafe’ in the world!! I promise! :))

    Here’s just a few of my absolute favorites…

    The next three were Katie’s idea, and are by far my favorites! 🙂


    It was lots of fun! You guys are awesome!!  xoxo Kayla



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    Love the pictures. Katie, I’m sure glad you were one of Kayla’s besties, because thats how I got to know you.

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