Caleb & Rebecca: Lewisburg Wedding Photography

     Rebecca first met Caleb seven years ago when his family moved into the area and began attending her church.
    She immediately developed a crush on the sweet, kind new boy in church but they didn’t really get to know each other until a few years later when they both got jobs at the same restaurant in town. Needless to say working with someone makes getting to know them easy and quick. Rebecca decided that he probably didn’t know she liked him and would never consider her in that way so she put aside her attempts to impress him, and decided to just be “herself”. And in the end the fact that she was real and willing to be a total goof in front of him was what attracted him most.
    He asked her out, and since they already knew each other so well falling in love was easy.

    They were married in the most beautiful old church in historic Lewisburg, and we were so thrilled to be a part of their day!

    JCY_9766JCY_9765Rebecca had not one, but two pairs of fabulous shoes- a gift from her older sister.

    They have the sweetest proposal story I’ve ever heard.
    Caleb is a super talented artist, and he filled this journal with sketches and all the things he loves about Rebecca.
    There is handwritten calligraphy poems, and little pockets that hold skeleton keys (which she adores).
    And on the very last page there is a pocket with a note that reads, “Will you marry me?”

    On their one-year dating anniversary he took her to Longwood Gardens to “celebrate” and presented her with the journal and the antique ring that now hangs on the outside.

    Her grandpas vintage car was the perfect prop for photos.

    JCY_9972JCY_0013JCY_9827Are these two nephews of the bride not the cutest little boys you ever did see? JCY_0021JCY_0119JCY_0108JCY_0229JCY_0243JCY_0305After the ceremony I grabbed them for a few photos in the church…
    JCY_0321JCY_0316JCY_0319JCY_0373JCY_0377JCY_0385JCY_0392DSC_5799We found this gorgeous little courtyard complete with a shade garden around the back. JCY_0398JCY_0415JCY_0444JCY_0434JCY_0474JCY_0483JCY_0417JCY_0427JCY_0471JCY_0487JCY_0489JCY_0463JCY_0461JCY_0389
    Their reception was full of adorable little details, and lots of skeleton keys which I loved!JCY_0564JCY_0550JCY_0529JCY_0619We love you two, and LOVED being a part of your day!

    Mike & Kayla

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