Ashley with Ace

    She has a perfect smile, a wonderful personality, and is lots of fun to be around!

    This girl is beautiful. Inside AND out.

    The pictures were actually a gift- because she dogsat our yorkie house dog, Ginger, while we were on vacation.
    In case any of you have never met Ginger, she is like a barking machine. I come home at night, when everyone is in bed, and she will NOT stop barking.  For real, I lived with her for three YEARS, and she still barks like I’m a complete stranger. Argh.
    In my opinion Ashley deserves TEN photo shoots!

    I am in love with this!

    My fave!!

    And I’ll end with these two; I can’t decide which I like better, so you get to see both! 🙂

    Ashley- I love you for taking care of that crazy dog, AND because you’re awesome! xoxo.

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    These are awesome. Love! Ashley, you’re just cute!

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