Ashley: Senior

    This girl is as beautiful inside as she is outside.
    I know everyone always says that, but I mean it.
    She is such a sweet person, you can’t help but love her.


    The locations for her shoot were entirely picked out by Ashley.
    We started in this pretty yellow field.
    It made such a pretty combination with her royal blue.
    Loved it.JCY_7369JCY_7400JCY_7404JCY_7417

    JCY_7408JCY_7382JCY_7456Untitled-1JCY_7491JCY_7459JCY_7479Not only is she gorgeous, she’s also super athletic.
    (And this is a complete side note, but she has an incredible voice as well. This girl can do it all.) 🙂
    We included a volleyball for a few since that’s her favorite sport.

    JCY_7524JCY_7507JCY_7500JCY_7515JCY_7526JCY_7557Serious envy alert. Her eyes.

    JCY_7629JCY_7631Our last location was in the small town of Coatesville- full of wonderful photo ops.

    JCY_7546JCY_7619JCY_7564JCY_7584JCY_7594JCY_7604JCY_7606JCY_7601JCY_7622JCY_7627JCY_7613Love this.

    JCY_76145JCY_7667JCY_7646JCY_7671And just for fun at the end of the night we experimented a bit with off camera flash.



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